After some iterations, I have finally gotten to publish this little business card.
I hope you find it useful.


Aside from reading, gaming and traveling I also love to work with all sorts of technology.

  • C# / Python
  • Bash / Powershell
  • Windows / Unix Server Administration
  • Smart Home Tinkering
  • Oracle (11/12) / MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Node.js / PHP
  • Security Management
  • Analytics / Problem solving
  • Information Security
  • JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS3

Selected Projects

TS3 Viewer

A realtime web-viewer for Teamspeak3. Built for the gaming-community.
Backend built as PHP REST Framework. Frontend built as Single Page Application with JavaScript.


A universal server administration built with Node.js (Backend) and Javascript/Websockets (Frontend)
Plugs into any running Unix Screen and pipes in- / output to the frontend interface.
Currently used for administration of gameservers and smarthome.


MCLinkD is a Minecraft Forge Java Mod for Minecraft - Discord cross platform chat.


[goodBot / A38] is a Discord Bot framework written in Node.js to run tasks and answer standard complaints and inquiries.


Currently hosting Minecraft and "Don't Starve" gameservers with automatic time based billing. Written in Python.